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Ngonga Cave

Discover local culture, traditions and artisanship as you interact with the villagers while they are at their skillful activities of mat and basket weaving, Makuti plating and rope making. At the local Ngonga Cave, you will also get the opportunity to admire nature’s own artistry, chiseled and carved out by years of weathering into mesmerizing subterranean hallways, cavities and corridors.

Ngonga Cave is the sanctuary of vampire bats, more scary for their name than in reality. More eerie still, local folklore has it that this cave is also a favourite with spirits and ghosts. Will you dare find out for yourself

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Uzi is the small island which is be haven for nature lovers, reached there only when it's low tide via a coral rock road, this conservation area of mangroves and coral reefs will be the setting for this full day tour where you'll be immersed in local culture in Uzi village

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