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Parasailing Adventure

Take in fantastic views of Zanzibar with this parasailing experience. Your professional instructor will provide a bit of pre-flight training before taking you out to sea, where you'll have the option of sailing into the sky solo or joining a friend on a tandem trip. When it's time to descend, you'll be reeled in softly using to a hydraulic winch.  


From 300 meters in the air, see the brilliant colors of the coral reef around the northern tip of Zanzibar – stretching over 2 kilometers into the ocean. Gaze at the sandy, white beaches of Nungwi and Kendwa, surrounded by tropical trees, and dotted with resorts and local fishing villages.


Parasailing is one of the best ways to enjoy the surreal beauty of Nungwi Village and the neighboring islands. So, do add it to your list of thrilling water sports to enjoy in Zanzibar.

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Parasailing Adventure - Gallery

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