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Quad Tour Adventure

Touring in Quad in zanzibar is the best way to approach this fantastic and wild way off road. Half day driving on a path made of secondary roads. Agriculture and land paths, easy to pass, passing next to multiple rice paddies, cane plantations from zuchero, fruit plants, bananas, coconuts, mangoes.


3 hour ATV trip is set up for beginners to intermediate drivers. It is a mix of road and off-road bush terrain. It’s well-suited for those that would like to explore the local countryside and see a different way of life through the local villages. We have different tracks that we choose based on weather conditions, road conditions and driver abilities. If you have driven ATV’s before please let us know your riding ability.  

The objective of these tour is to introduce the unseen side of Zanzibar Islands. thi is one of the best tour for all nature lovers and adventure seekers.  All ATV bikes are fully automatic, safe and easy to operate. There is no prior riding experience needed to join this tour. After safety briefings and operations orientations both beginners and experienced riders will be practicing on an easy track to get a feel for the ATV bikes. Once used to the bikes everyone will be ready to hit the tracks, supervised by professional staff and guides.

Quad Tour Adventure Gallery

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