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Top FiFi Adventure

The Full day Excursion, Topfifi Adventure Starts at 09H00 from Chwaka Village , Shortly we will embark from Chwaka bay in beautiful traditional sailing Boat and cruising in Chwaka bay while our staff will be serving your soft drinks , snarks , coffee and Tea .starting point smoothly experience all the way to Michamvi for the continuation of this Full day Excursion. At the Michamvi Kae , You will obviously enjoy this Paradise Island ( Sandbank ) and the totally privacy, soft drinks , beer and wines will be served accordingly while you proceed to the Dala Dala for other new Experience you never had before . Special Zanzibari traditional bus called Dala Dala on the most beautiful place in Zanzibar for snorkeling.

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You will enjoy this Magnificent snorkeling. After discoveries and fun on the beach, You will then stay in our preferable cool Restaurant (Private beach on private Island ) in which delicious fresh seafood with local sources will be served from direct grill . But it is not enough yet , Zanzibar exotic fruits , Fresh coconut, boabab seeds and more, cool drink, beers, wines are served as usual . A bit of pleasure, enjoyment , amusement given by local people, volleyball , music , walking , dancing, karioki, This is the last step of your journey, whereby you will be heading back to the Hotel with some refreshment in traditional sailing boat will be served , Enjoy the beautiful Sunset of Zanzibar and music

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